The digital sphere has fundamentally shifted the way the world works. We interact with each other and live our lives differently – we do business differently.

Ninetech has changed as well.

Nine have become more than 120 – one office is now four. High waistlines and desktop computers are out – tablets, blazers and beanies are in.

We use new and different sets of tools to create our solutions. Our teams consist of a wide array of competences and we keep on adding new ones. 

We talk about e-commerce instead of web shops. We provide Lifecycle Management instead of installations and upgrades. Collaboration platforms and interactive websites have replaced enterprise portals and static homepages. We worry about seconds of downtime, rather than the Y2K bug shutting us down for years to come.

The result of this evolution, the essence of what we do today is what we at Ninetech call Digital Business.

We are very proud of our history and the roads we have travelled – but we prefer to look forward. Twenty years from now, we don’t know exactly who or where we will be or – for that matter – how we will dress. But we do know that we will have found new ways of making our clients successful. That we will adopt new technologies in order to do so. And that Ninetech will still be a place where challenges are met eagerly, where innovation happens every day and where creating value is always our main focus.