In order to meet their customers' demands and preferences Duells needed to upgrade their old web shop to a modern e-commerce platform. The requirements were that the new platform should be designed to embody the personality of a rider, provide possibility for integration with existing systems, have a high degree of self service and be able to function as an effective ordering and sales tool. All within a tight deadline of three months.

Duells face an exciting challenge with a growing Nordic market where digital business is increasingly important. Our offering within B2B e-commerce, combined with extensive knowledge within digital business, suit this kind of customer really well.
Peter Leuchovius, Digital Strategist at Ninetech


We developed three new e-commerce sites:, and The new design aims to convey the feeling a rider experiences on his/her vehicle. Freedom, speed and nature - the feeling of being on the way. All sites have a high degree of self-service where retailers easily can make and follow-up their orders and quickly get into contact with customer service, including through a chat function.

The solution is built on N-Commerce - a complete service for e-commerce based on nopCommerce. N-Commerce combines powerful functionality with flexibility and it's easy to scale up as the business grows.

Through our offer Integration as a Service and the cloud based integration engine Mulesoft, we have integrated the e-commerce platform with Duells existing ERP system, PIM system and transport system. The shops are also equipped with the efficient search engine Solr, which makes it easy to search through Duells complete range of products - approximately 56 000 products per market.


The launch of Duells' new e-commerce sites is the first step on a journey to offer customers even better service through a greater possibility of self-service, more clear information and higher accessibility. The sites are continually developed through dialogue with the retailers.

The goal is for sales through digital sales to reach 80 % of total sales within five years. A large portion of retailers have already