Scandic is the Nordic market leader with about 230 hotels and 14 000 employees. We have worked together since 2010 - a collaboration characterized by a wide range of projects and assignments. From senior technical consulting to tailor made applications and a broad commitment surrounding Scandic's intranet.

I think Scandic use Ninetech and our expertise in an optimal way. They have realized the width of our offering, are specific in their requests and at the same time offer us great freedom to do our work and make suggestions.
Peter Malmberg, Digital advisor and account manager at Ninetech

Technical Consulting

For several years, Scandic have engaged senior expertise from Ninetech to run projects and manage technical requirements definition. Our role has often been to, in relation to other system suppliers, ensure that Scandic get the right things delivered in the right way.

"It feels great that our senior consultants can help Scandic staff their project organisation. The collaboration has worked very well and the personal chemistry has been just right," says Peter Malmberg.

A faster booking solution for when Springsteen is in town

Sometimes, Scandic experience an extremely high booking pressure, for instance when tickets to big concerts are released and booking sites are advertising with live prices. We were therefore tasked to create a smart cache solution for storing data that would enable greater accessibility to current rates and information on room availability.

Scandic are good at providing detailed requirement specifications and it's been a lot of fun to develop this completely new and unique solution together. It's built on advanced technology, but at the same time the value is very easy to grasp. Everyone involved have really been focused on reaching the project goal and we've succeeded at that!
Maria Markegård Öhrn, Project Manager at Ninetech

Lightning quick rate information

The new solution saves rates that have been searched for, which keeps the booking at the hotels from being affected by the release of concert tickets. A further advantage is that when a search for rate and availability is made a second time, the result comes instantly from the cache instead of the booking system. This makes it easier for the user and also created the possibility to display ads with online rates on high-traffic sites, as well as servicing third party websites with current rates and availability.

Read more about solution architecture.

A business critical intranet

Scandic recently chose Ninetech as partner surrounding the management of their intranet portal. The portal is called MyScandic, is built on SharePoint 2014 and acts as a centre for internal communication for the whole organisation as well as for more targeted communications between units, team members and employees.

Our commitment is broad and covers everything from being responsible for the technical test and production environment concerning the SharePoint application to incident management. We also provide change management and development and technical expertise and consulting in order to reach the established visions and goals.

In an initial phase, we are reviewing the technical environment for the application, resolving and creating procedures and conditions for a well functioning, safe and secure management. In connection to this, we also produce some long-awaited features that will support employees in their daily work.

"It is a very exciting commitment and our collaboration with Scandic's project group is tight and works very well. Once we are done with this initial phase, it feels like we can start our work in earnest. To proactively and in an exciting way, with the users in focus, refine MyScandic toward the company's visions and goals," says Peter Malmberg.

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