A skier's relationship with, and experience of, SkiStar is built on so much more than snow and steep slopes. The relationship often lasts the year round, where SkiStar want to meet the customer not only during the actual ski trip, but before and after as well. And before, during and after a single ride down the slopes.

In order to strengthen their position as a leading player within alpine ski tourism, the boundaries for what the digital channels can offer need to constantly be pushed forward. In the end it's about creating a completely unique customer experience.


All the digital solutions and services that meet a SkiStar customer are there for a specific reason. Deep insights into customers wants and needs, combined with a gut feeling of what those expectations might look like in the future, is the basis for all work. SkiStar's Digital Business is a defining engine in sales, customer service and in the effort to expand the experience of a visit to one of SkiStar's destinations. All solutions are characterized by a combination of innovation, visionary spirit and smart practical applications.

Results is Sweden's best travel site. At least accordingly to the jury of the Internetworld Topp 100 awards. They awarded the site with first place in the category "Best Travel Sites".

MySkiStar is one of Sweden's biggest and most successful gamification projects with over 300 000 registered users. And SkiStar's "on site web sites", also called the SkiStar 360 concept, deliver millions of search results for customers who seek information during their visit at a SkiStar destination.

And now most recently, we've taken the step toward full-scale omnichannel with the release of a new e-commerce solution, completely integrated with SkiStar's website and business.

Ninetech has taken a holistic approach together with us. From idea-creation to release. We're very happy with our collaboration, how our customers have received MySkiStar and we're looking forward to refining the service in close cooperation with Ninetech.

Mattias Persson, Online Manager SkiStar

SkiStarshop - new e-commerce and a step toward full-scale omnichannel

For the season 2014/2015 we launched SkiStar's new investment in e-Commerce It was a big step towards a full-scale omnichannel presence, letting SkiStar show their customers love across all different channels. But the actual e-commerce solution is just a part of a much bigger change process.

To begin with, we implemented InRiver PIM together with SkiStar in order to improve and manage all the product information. SkiStar also built a completely new warehouse in Sälen, where we contributed as advisors and consultants regarding a range of concepts, from implementation of a warehouse management system to work processes surrounding orders and stock flow. 

The project is also the first step toward a completely new POS-system, tailored specifically and uniquely for SkiStar. The physical stores are first up and in time SkiStar aim to incorporate everything from SkiPass sales to restaurants, hotel bookings and ski rentals in the same system.

For the visitor this means, as a start, that there's an e-commerce feature on completely integrated with the rest of the site. So if you're missing something ahead of your ski trip, you can buy it together with your ski pass and your accommodation.

In the long run, this means that SkiStar continues to get better at meeting their customers evolving needs, regardless of whether it's a physical meeting at the ski resort or through digital channels.

The challenge of this project was to get all the systems to communicate seamlessly with each other in order to provide SkiStar's customers with unique experience where sales, services and information meet the customer's expectations. Or better yet - exceeds them! It is about providing a complete experience of the SkiStar brand, regardless of whether the meeting takes place in the physical or the digital world.
Anders Henriksson, Solution Architect Ninetech – Sweden's best travel site

At, your exploratory spirit and interest should convert into a decision (to go on a ski trip). And going from decision to booking should be quick and easy. As easy as it is to enjoy what SkiStar has to offer in the mountains of Sälen or Åre - that's how easy it should be to book your experience and plan for your stay. is built on an extensive EPiServer CMS 7 installation and has responsive design built on the front-end framework Bootstrap. In collaboration with SkiStar, we put a lot of effort into a structured and forward-thinking management and refinement of the web site. Because we want to be the best travel site for many years to come.

MySkiStar – to the moon and back. Seven times.

It's hard to define exactly what MySkiStar is - but among other things, it's one of Sweden's foremost examples of gamification. With over 300 000 registered users, the platform is a huge meeting place for SkiStar's customers where they can track their activities on the slopes, challenge friends, earn pins and rewards and keep track of their family on the mountain. The ambition is clear. MySkiStar should make your experience even more fun. Even bigger. Beyond the slopes.

MySkiStar - did you know that...

  • Since 2011, MySkiStar has registered over 5 million vertical meters. In other words, MySkiStar users have gone to the moon and back again almost 7 times. In vertical meters!
  • MySkiStar members have burned over half a billion calories. That's almost 750 000 hamburgers.
  • Every minute, the MySkiStar framework handles over 40 million lines of database code generated by its members.

SkiStar Inside: An innovative and simple intranet

SkiStar wanted an intranet that could handle integrations with several other systems and that would also be communicative and easy enough to use for co-workers on the go. They chose SharePoint 2013, a well-tried platform with a nice user experience. The new intranet has integrations with systems that are important for the co-workers in order to be productive and innovative in their daily work. The new collaboration platform gives SkiStar a powerful and easy-to-use tool with design that is consistent with their other solutions.

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