A new digital phase for Viking Line

The project began with an overhaul of existing websites - analysis and review of structure, code and responsivity. After a thorough pre-study, we started off by improving sales and service via the web through a new technical solution, improved processes and editorial work. At the same time, we assumed responsibility for the Lifecycle Management of the existing solution.

Ninetech is a flexible, reliable and competent partner and with the ability to gain insight into our business. We feel that we, through our partnership, have gotten a modern and customer focused web solution, which has led to increased online sales. We continue to develop our digital channels in a close collaboration with Ninetech.
Kjell Lindvall, Digital Conversion Manager, Viking Line


Viking Lines long term goals is to strengthen their position as the leading provider of cruises and transport on the Baltic Sea. In order to do that, they need a strong digital presence and a consistent customer experience - regardless of channel.

Important milestones in upgrading the platform was an improved flow from the market websites into the booking application, full responsivity and an updated graphical profile.


As a market leading player with five free-standing subsidiaries - with varying business focuses within cruises and carriage of passengers and cargo - Viking Line have the need for several different digital solutions. One of the big challenges was to combine several of these complex systems into a well-functioning unit.

The great distances between the areas of sale also presented an organisational challenge in finding the most efficient way for co-workers at both Ninetech and Viking Line to cooperate between markets and across both geographical and linguistic borders. To meet this challenge, we have put coordination high in priority throughout the project, focusing on improved routines and processes.


In a major web project, we lifted the whole range of Viking Line web sites to the then latest version of EPiServer (7.5). In parallel with the development effort, we coordinated a thorough web editorial process with inventory, improvement and migration of content - in order to further improve both search engine optimisation and conversion rates. We also put great emphasis on an updated design, in order to better represent and communicate Viking Lines strong brand on the web.

  • A total of 13 websites on EPiServer 7.5
  • Several bilingual sites, a total of 9 languages
  • Integrations with 9 other systems, such as booking application Tax Free and PIM systems
  • Possibility of tailoring extranets for clients and booking partners
  • Extensive QA & tests

We have also worked hard in order to make it easier and more efficient for the web editors to produce quality content that converts and to share content and experiences between the market areas. To help this process, we have throughout the whole project supported Viking Line with e.g. education of web editors, project management and coordination of web editors for all markets.

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