Aiming for a complete omnichannel strategy

Würth is a global corporate group who deliver tools and equipment for the automotive, craft and engineering industries. Würth Svenska AB is a part of the international corporate group and have a more than 40 year old tradition of personal sales through Sweden's largest sales force, a wide retailer network spanning the whole country and a competent customer support.

We're already seeing a strong growth and increased order volumes month by month through digital channels. The next step is to move even further toward our omnichannel strategy by utilizing the systems we've built up, giving us the right information in real time through all our channels. The foundation is there - now we move into the next phase to further increase our total business.


200 000 products structured through PIM

One of the biggest challenges of the project was in the early structuring and refinement of information regarding Würths's range of 200 000 stocked items in Sweden and Germany. A broad range, containing everything from large machinery and protective gear to cleaning sprays and chocolate drinks.

In order to handle such a large selection of products, and the product information to go with, we chose to use Inriver PIM. Today, all product managers work with the PIM system and the solution provides all requested product information to the digital sales channels, as well as enabling production of traditional catalogues. This provides a well-structured base for successful distribution of product information through all channels.

It's naturally incredibly fun and rewarding to act as a full service partner in Würth's digital transformation process. The demands are high and we view this as something positive - we want to work with brands whose ambition is to be at the very forefront of their business. We believe that a fully integrated business, an omnichannel strategy, is a necessity in order to succeed in the fast moving business we're in.


Stable platforms in EPiServer CMS and EPiServer Commerce

In conjunction the implementation of the PIM-solution, a brand new was launched on EPiServer CMS 6 in 2012. The web site got design and form from the German parent company and content adapted for the Swedish market. The focus was on information about Würth's stores and wide range of services and solutions. Ninetech provided the development and implementation of the project.

Nominated for Sweden's best e-commerce 2012

The next step saw the launch of a public e-catalogue and thereafter an e-store for businesses and retailers built on EPiServer Commerce with a powerful search engine from Apptus eSales. The solution is completely integrated with Würth's enterprise resource planning system and Inriver PIM. A new digital sales channel that also needs to meet Würth's high standards of delivery precision - 98 % within 24 h. In 2012, it was nominated for best e-commerce at the EPiServer Awards.

Now the journey continues, via Lifecycle Management (LCM), with continuous measurements, analysis and refinement in order to constantly improve Würth's digital business. Read more about what we have to offer within e-commerce.

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