We've released the next generation of wurth.se - smart, user friendly and personal!
Daniel Sundell, Web & E-commerce Manager Würth

The new e-commerce platform is built on EPiServer Commerce, version 8, uses Inriver PIM, version 6, for managing all product information. It also has Apptus eSales for quicker and more precise searches with personalised recommendations.

Besides making the new website responsive, inorder to meet the needs of Würth's customers in the field, the project focused on improving the navigation, search and personalised recommendations. This allows customers to quickly find what they need in a range of over 34 000 items.

Another important part of Würth's digital business has been to connect the web with the physical stores. The ability to choose "your store", "local stock balance" and the option of ordering online and collecting in a store are some examples of this.

On the new site, it is also possible for brand new customers to make their first purchase straight away, paying by card or invoice, without tedious registration processes otherwise common on B2B sites.

Duringe the past year we have collected lots of feedback from our customers and from our partner Ninetech. Being able to translate this into launching a world class website feels great.
Torbjörn Seger, CEO Würth