Consortio Fashion Group is one of Europe's leading e-retailers with a turnover of about SEK 1,3 billion and close to 450 employees. The product range is mostly focused on fashion and clothing and among others, sites in the group include leading e-commerce sites such as Halens, Cellbes and Bubbleroom.

Higher demands on availability & scalability

In order to keep leading the industry, high demands are placed on flexible on-demand-solutions that offer the possibility of scaling up if needed, in connection with growth, expansion or especially traffic heavy periods. This way, you can realize the full potential of your Digital Business, without accumulating high fixed costs. Outsourcing some services and using elastic cloud services lets Consortio Fashion Group keep flexibility and scalability central. Site speed, high availability and minimal downtime is also critical in order to provide a good customer experience and maximize sales through digital channels.

In Ninetech, we've found a flexible, reliable and competent partner who is engaged in our continued evolution. This means we get the support we need, which in turn has generated increased sales and not least Topp 100 awards these past years

Over ten years of collaboration  

Ninetech and Consortio Fashion Group have collaborated successfully for over ten years, within e-commerce, development, operations and maintenance. Among other things, Ninetech operate and maintain large sites such as Hallens and Cellbes, focusing on providing a good and completely business critical e-commerce experience. As a result Halens has won awards several years in a row at the Internetworld Topp 100 awards, both as Sweden's best e-commerce site and as best site in total.

We've always built our service around the customer's needs with a high level of flexibility. In collaboration with Consortio Fashion Group, we take that one step further and deliver the owned environments possibilities with the scalability of an outsourced environment. That's definitely the key to our joint success. 

For more information, contact Ulf Sandlund, Digital Advisor & Partner

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