Do you know how your campaigns affect your online sales? And how about in your physical stores? Many can answer yes to the first question, but far fewer can do the same for the latter. With Ninetech Retail Intelligence, you can follow the activity in all sections of your store - in real time - and then analyse the information in your web analytics tool.

Find out:

  • How many visit your store throughout the day
  • How long they stay on average
  • How many make a purchase and for how much on average
  • The average amount of time they spend in different sections, e.g. a campaign area or the checkout line

Ninetech Retail Intelligence can also offer your visitors the possibility of rating your store, products or campaign. And all the information is sent in real time to your web analytics tool, like Google Analytics. So that you can keep full track of your campaign performance, wherever you are.

Read more about Ninetech Retail Intelligence and how you can get started, or contact Christoffer Nilsson for more information.

For more information, contact Christoffer Nilsson

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