Each year, Radar Ecosystem Specialists conduct a large survey regarding customer satisfaction and quality. In 2015, over 700 Swedish businesses participated and rated their IT-partners and providers in Sweden’s biggest quantitative survey regarding customer satisfaction with decision makers in IT.

Confirming our position as a leader

”These types of independent studies are incredibly important to us, as they give a clear indication on whether or not we can deliver what we promise. Placing this high up on the list for four years in a row feels great. We always strive to surpass both our customers’ and our own expectations. And we want to be leading in creating business value for our clients. This result is hard proof that we edge ever closer to our vision,” says Ulf Sandlund, CEO Ninetech. ”Confirming our position, once again, as one of Sweden’s leaders gives us a great incentive to keep on delivering customer value within digital business,” he continues.

We have built a close and long-term relationship with many of our customers. Our commitment and understanding of our clients’ individual needs make us able to create greater business value for each particular customer. We also know that stable and secure operations is very important to our customers and something we can deliver thanks to our comprehensive knowledge within the field and our modern server facility in Sweden.
Rikard Elofsson, in charge of operations and outsourcing at Ninetech. 

The up to five companies placed in the ”leading” category have customer ratings substantially higher than average regarding ability to create customer value, which is getting increasingly important to communicate to the market.

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