This is a great achievement for Ninetech and all of our fantastic co-workers.  We are very proud of our evolution and this confirmation that our position is very strong, even from an international perspective. Competitions and awards are not what motivate us, but we notice that they are important in gaining new business. Being able to reference EBA, our top placement in Radar Group's annual surveys and our habit of being on Internetworld’s Top 100 list adds credibility to our offer in the market.
Ulf Sandlund, CEO Ninetech AB

A final on European level awaits, in a category where financial development and growth, leading position in the market and strategic work in innovation are the criteria.

“Since we work with several international groups, it would obviously be great to stand as European champions and make our mark outside of Scandinavia. But, we have to be humble to the fact that we are pitted against a number of great companies from all over Europe. We consider it an honour to be included in this context,” Ulf Sandlund continues.

The European Business Awards have been around since 2007 and is the largest competition of its kind. In 2014 over 24 000 companies participated, with 33 countries and more than 2,7 million employees represented.

Other category winners from Sweden this year include MTG, Tele 2 and Klarna.

Read more at www.businessawardseurope.com

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