It's incredibly honouring to have gotten this confidence in tough competition with other players. We presented a concept and an approach that appealed to Woody and we have all the strategic, creative and technical competence required for this to be a successful venture. We now start this project together with sales support and e-commerce that will make every day easier for professionals within building and construction.
Gustav Enocksson, customer manager Ninetech

Woody Bygghandel is a builders' merchant chain consisting of over 100 committed contractors throughout Sweden, with a turnover of close to seven billion SEK. They are Sweden's leading chain with a clear focus on professional clients and discerning customers. The chain is owned by local entrepreneurs who cooperate within areas such as purchasing, marketing, IT, environment and education.

"We have unique experiences from e-commerce projects together with similar chains of specialized stores and that is why we dare say that we understand their organisation, needs and demands better than any of our competitors. Our business knowledge combined with a clear plan for how to develop their digital platform is what won us this business in the end," says Gustav Enocksson.

Woody operate in an increasingly competitive market where sharp digital tools and a modern e-commerce platform are key success factors. On Woody's side, they're looking forward to initiating the collaboration with Ninetech and they have big expectations on their upcoming digital journey.

This is a very important venture for Woody Bygghandel as a chain and the choice of Ninetech as a supplier feels just right. Many renowned suppliers were involved in the process, but in the end we choice Ninetech simply because they presented the best solution for our needs.
Mikael Tykesson,