Our designer work daily with finding a link between technology and user experience through intuitive design language. Focusing on form, without forgetting function, always with the goal of the two complementing each other in a well-balanced symbiosis.

Regardless of whether it's an e-Commerce solution, a mobile application, a new ERP system, intranet or website - our ambition is always to deliver design that contributes to an improved experience. And to ensure that the solution meets - and preferably surpasses - the pre-established goals.

Art Direction

The word logo has its roots in the Greek word logos - which in turn can be translated to word, expression, speech or thought. We believe that Art Direction is bigger than logotypes and colour schemes. But just as a logotype is the core of a brands visual expression, it also reflects our view on Art Direction. That from a simple argument or philosophy convey thoughts and expressions translated to image, colour, form and typography.

Our Art Directors work with translating the overall idea behind your brand and your business targets into a graphical concept or expression that can then get a digital form by our designers. At the same time, an Art Director at Ninetech is involved throughout the whole project in order to ensure that the original thought, which was approved in conceptual form, is followed and delivered according to your requirements as a customer. The Art Director also makes sure that your comments and input from the project group is assembled and formed into a tangible and visual direction for the project.

That's why Art Direction is a directly contributing factor to the end result being just as good as you expect it.

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