From strategy - through craftsmanship - to conversion

Think of it as a delicate craft where you add your touch to every detail, or build up automated processes. Track and analyse your marketing in detail or via overall KPIs. Learn from what works and invest even more in it. But when it comes down to it - you need a genuinely good offer backed up by a service that puts the customer first. The tolerance for bad products and weak consumer interaction has never as low as it is today.

B2B, B2C, SEM, SEO & banners

At Ninetech, we help you through the whole marketing- and conversion process. From setting up a relevant strategy and planning, to creating specific activities. We help you develop concepts, carry out campaigns within both B2B and B2C - large international campaigns as well as small local ones. You'll work in close relationship with our strategists, analysts, Art Directors and copywriters.

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