Motivate your target audience

Gamification means using mechanisms and activity flows from computer games and transfering them into another digital system. Or a new digital product built around something physical and real. The computer and video games industry motivate their audiences with mechanisms that provide constant feedback and motivate you to reach a distant goal. That's the process we want to reach with gamification. 

Gamification means making things more fun!

You can use gamification internally for administrative tasks, production and education, or for an external target audience where you want to reach a goal or encourage a certain behavior.

If you already have an existing digital product - an intranet, an e-Commerce solution or an education platform - we'll use existing data to gamify the product. If you have an activity - skiing, mingling at an event or driving a care - we create a digital product around the activity. One example of such a product is Social Challenge, which motivates people at an event to network and talk to new people.

How does Gamification work?

As soon as there are measurable data, there's an opportunity for gamification. We use the measured values to create player types, objects and look at activity flows in both long and short term. The model for how we gamify something consists of four steps:

  • Inventory
  • Definition
  • Solution proposal
  • Production

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