A seamless user experience through successful front end

Front end and UX provide the balance between form and function for your website. A successful website is well thought out, focusing on user friendliness and simplicity of design and interaction languages. Our front end developers are always up to date with the latest news within the area and work in close relationship with our Art Directors and back end developers for a completely seamless experience.

From Art Direction to complete prototype

Usually, an Art Director develops a digital concept for your solution, which is then developed further by a front end developer into a clickable prototype. Since most of today's websites are responsive, we often work directly in prototype mode so that you as a client easily can view and experience the new design and bring input to the process.

We work with well-known frameworks, such as Bootstrap and Foundation, with full knowledge within both LESS & SASS. We also work with a self-defined standard based on our long experience, in order to quickly be able to develop a prototype if there is a need for it.