Get better at collaborating

Let us help you become an even better team player! Through increased learning, better productivity and a stronger company culture, we'll help you add more value to your business. The tool we use is called Sharepoint 2013 - a platform for information management and collaboration that offers flexibility and simplicity for your whole organisation.

Some of our clients who have intranets on Sharepoint:

  • Carlanderska Sjukhuset
  • Knightec
  • Valbruna
  • Subway
  • SSC
  • Etteplan
  • SkiStar
  • Glitter 

Our committed approach

We'll gladly help you with evaluating your existing processes surrounding information management, knowledge sharing and project management. We'll then suggest changes and follow you every step of the journey, via new development, migration and management, all the way to the follow-up of the completed project.

We offer the collaboration platform Sharepoint 2013, both as cloud-based intranet as well as on our own SharePoint hotel, for a secure and long term operations solution.

For more information, contact Anette Stjärnkvist Lönnberg

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