e-Commerce for digital business - more than just online trade

Few things are more challenging and rewarding than getting to help develop a clients business through digital technology. What commonly is simplified as "e-Commerce" is according to us just a part of a much larger journey of change. A step on the way of that journey is that your digital business should help increase your total sales.

We take responsibility for the whole process

We have the skills needed to take a holistic approach. From business processes in your ERP system, warehouse management systems and management of product information, to finding and attracting customers, helping them through the purchase process and finally ensuring that the purchase is handled in the best possible way.

In addition, we can also offer first class operations solutions with related services and analysis- follow up- and optimisation services that will enable your digital business to reach its full potential.

So much more than a web shop

If you only want to launch a simple web shop, there are a lot of companies that can help you. If, however, you want to really take on the challenge of creating a sustainable business model and a platform that supports your business both now and in the future - then we're the right partner for you. We're happy to engage in an early dialogue where we get to help you shape your future digital business.

Some of our clients within e-Commerce:

  • Elon
  • Halens
  • SkiStar 

Ninetech Commerce

If you want to get started quickly, focus on increasing your sales and then be able to grow unhindered, then Ninetech Commerce might be for you. It's a complete service for e-Commerce that suits retailers of all sizes and that is scalable from small e-store to global digital business.


Through a number of previous collaborations, Elon chose us as their partner in a big venture to build for the future. A clear vision of building a future platform for sales and marketing, focusing on a completely transparent customer experience -...