Build your brand from the inside out

An intranet should be the natural start page for everyone in the company. A platform for discussion and exchange - not just a megaphone used by the management. And, naturally, this platform needs to be adapted to your organization in order to work as well as possible.

From notice board to social media

We've worked with intranets since the nineties and have followed the whole evolution, from simple technical solutions for one-way-communication, to todays two-way, culture building intranets. We make sure that technology, form and function cooperate in order to make your company a stronger community with higher productivity and business value.

Through a social, productive and brand-building intranet, your organization gets a platform that doesn't only fill a number of practical functions, but also strengthens your company culture. And that has positive impacts throughout your whole business.

Intranet as a service

Sometimes it's easier to subscribe to a service and the necessary infrastructure, rather than owning and operating yourself. For a fixed monthly fee, we offer a modern, social intranet built on SharePoint Online. Your employees get access to all of the essential tools, no matter where they are.

Intranet as a service from us at Ninetech gives you benefits such as a single payment model with no licensing and infrastructure costs. You can scale up or down as needed and do not need to worry about maintaining or updating the solution. At the same time all of your co-workers benefit from the power of great products available everywhere, even in mobile apps.

Some of our intranet customers:

  • Scandic Hotels
  • SF Bio
  • Carlanderska Sjukhuset
  • Glitter
  • Etteplan
  • Valbruna
  • SkiStar
  • Knightec
  • SSC
  • Arvid Nilsson
  • Orc Group
  • Subway

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