Separate budget, full cost control

Operations, ServiceDesk/Support, Development and Refinement are treated as separate processes within LCM, but handled by a common team, ensuring competence redundancy and a high level of service.

LCM offers your company a linear development of business value over time, as well as total control of your budget. We also have finished concepts for all of the solutions we deliver, such as ERP systems, websites, intranets and e-Commerce, as well as custom solutions when needed.


  • Operations: Secure, long-term and profitable operations solutions.
  • Servicedesk/support: Support with high availability and competence.
  • Development: When higher demands for change arise within LCM it is handled as a separate project with its own budget. The fact that our team is already informed and have the required competencies acts as a guarantee for a quick and easy project start.
  • Refinement: Continuous development both in your business and in the market requires that the business value of your digital investments are refined continuously.

Through LCM we can ensure not just a continuous refinement of your investments, we can also ensure continuous adaptation to the ever changing world we live in. Contact us today for more information!

For more information, contact Anette Stjärnkvist Lönnberg

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