Consistent information in all your channels

We know that a PIM system is an important piece to the puzzle in order to deliver high quality in all channels, such as print, web, mobile and in-store. And that all product facts are consistent through all your channels! Since all companies and businesses are different, it's important to analyse your particular organisation's conditions, product range and work processes in order to find the right PIM system for your business.

A properly set up PIM system will not only improve the quality of your information, but also give you the possibility to streamline the management of product data and the processes surrounding this.

By adding, improving, expanding and updating all product information in one single system, you can easily send out your product information through any channel. That way you'll get the information out more quickly and with better quality - which also means you can sell your products more quickly.


We are Dormy Golf's new digital partner! The goal with our collaboration is to give the customer a better golf experience. The first step will be to strengthen product information in all channels through PIM.


Extensive knowledge and several partnerships

One of the PIM providers we collaborate with is inRiver - as premium partners. We also have knowledge of and experience from other players in the market, such as Limetta PIM, C4 Contexture, Infoserver and Pimcore.

SkiStar is one of our major clients concerning PIM and high quality information and the management of it is hugely important for their large investment in e-commerce. Other clients include:

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