Website, portal or service?

It's actually pretty difficult to define the word website in a satisfactory way. The websites we create can be technically very complex or very simple. They can be crucial in marketing and sales processes, or just be an additional channel. Sometimes focus is on sales, other times on effective and informative communication, or just offering a meeting place. But instead of getting bogged down in a matter of definitions - we focus on what you and your visitors need.

Selected experiences - remastered

While experience is very valuable, it can also be a hindrance. Old truths need to be questioned as expectations and behaviours change, new business models emerge, trends pass and new technologies present new possibilities. Successful web projects manage to balance the past with the future - relevant experiences combined with the will and courage to change and choose new ways forward.

The right technology & tools for you

We work with a lot of different platforms and frameworks to help you reach your goals. The platform itself is rarely what adds value or generates results, but it can make the journey forward easier and more efficient. In many projects, we use Bootstrap to create well-functioning responsive interfaces and pleasant user experiences for all devices. And we often recommend EPiServer, Umbraco or Wordpress as CMS. Tomorrow there might appear new alternatives that are just as good or even better. Then we'll choose them instead. Or rather, we'll choose the option that is best for you in the long term.

Examples of clients:

  • SkiStar
  • Elon
  • Viking Line
  • Myresjöhus
  • Humana
  • Konsumentverket
  • Film & Skola

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